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FLIR i5 / FLIR i7 Infrared Camera

i5 profile 300 Affordable infrared camera offers professional-grade resolution at entry-level price

FLIR i5 & FLIR i7 are not only the most advanced and affordable infrared cameras in their class, but also the most compact, lightweight and easy to use. 

Point and Click

The compact FLIR i5/ FLIR i7 reveals abnormal temperature readings with crisp images displayed on a large 2.8" high-resolution color LCD. They leverage FLIR's extensive user input with a fully-automatic design, intuitive menu navigation, and focus-free lens that make it easy to use even for newcomers to thermal imaging. 

Catch the Heat of the Moment

The infrared readings from the FLIR i5/ FLIR i7 are immediately and clearly visible on a full-color display. You save your readings as an image for later reference. FLIR i5 is perfect for hidden problems at industrial plants and general electrical/ mechanical inspection. Whilst FLIR i7 is design for building applications such as assessing damages, surveying moisture and leaks, identifying energy losses and poor insulation.


FLIR i5/ FLIR i7 Set

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Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight, 340g
  • 2% high accuracy and thermal sensitive of 0.1ºC
  • Large 2.8 in. color LCD with quality images saved on miniSD card
  • Long, 5 hour battery life
  • Focus free lens for quick and convenient viewing
  • Package includes calibration certificate and Hard transport case





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Performance V2


Outlines key features of the FLIR i5
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 Related Industries 

Electrical Tasks 

FLIR i5 is used to detect problems in electrical installations.

Building Diagnostics 
Building Diagnostics

With FLIR i5 a floor heating system check-up is quick and easy.