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FLIR i60-Series Infrared Cameras


i60 w200 h256The FLIR i60-Series are small and lightweight infrared cameras designed for those needing higher resolution and more features and for whom documentation of findings are important.  

The FLIR i60-Series infrared cameras are IP54-rated, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The cameras are ideal for predictive maintenance and planned inspection of electrical and mechanical systems to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency and safety with minimal energy consumption.

* FLIR i60/T/P-Series cameras are also available as building models especially designed for building inspections. 

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Electrical Inspections  
i series electrical

A Picture-in-Picture image taken with a FLIR i60 IR camera shows a bad cable connection.

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i Series Building

The FLIR B60 has spotted a cold air infiltration from the ceiling.