The Values which inspire us are summed up in one word PRIDE. PRIDE is an acronym for Passion, Respect, Innovation, Denizen and Excellence.

PASSION: Passion means believing in what we are doing, enjoying what we are doing, being inspired and consequently doing our work immensely well. Passion for work drives individual team and organizational success.

RESPECT: Respect means treating all people with fairness, dignity and courtesy. It includes acknowledging the changes brought to the workplace by diversity and welcoming the same. At Eagle, we promote a congenial and non-threatening work culture of openness and empowerment.

INNOVATION: Innovation means challenging status quo and finding new ways of improving what we do. Innovation means taking risks rather than avoiding it. At Eagle, we encourage people to constantly come up with new ideas resulting in continuous improvement.

DENIZEN: Denizen is an inhabitant of a place or a citizen. At Eagle we take pride in social responsibility and in being a good citizen of the community. We take a holistic view of business and cater to all the stakeholders, namely employees, customers, society and the environment. We translate this into action by providing voluntary support to various not-for-profit initiatives.

EXCELLENCE: Excellence means ensuring customer delight by making commitments and delivering them. ‘First Time Right’ is a way of life at Eagle. Excellence implies that each achievement is a ‘Milestone’ and not as the ‘Destination’.