About Us

Technology is changing and this also poses new challenges.

We help our customers to be more successful through intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. We conduct our business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. A dynamic force that seeks to transform the way the world does business

Our energy and utility systems and engineering services combine our technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of the changing energy and utility marketplace to deliver integrated and optimized total energy solutions to our clients. The integrated approach differentiates Eagle from other companies be it energy solutions or occupational and environmental safety management.

We have demonstrated our capability in price sensitive, difficult to penetrate geographies by leveraging our effective supply chain management and efficient utilization of our network and resources.

With a range of innovative products and technologies we actively contribute to not only intelligent solutions but also optimize processes.


Eagle Electricals started operations in the year 1970 as an electrical contracting company. Over the years we have undertaken Sub station, High tension and Low tension works, Transformer erection, Line works, Electrification of commercial, MS building , Heavy industries etc and have become one of the most sought after electrical contractors.

Since the last decade we have diversified into various other verticals such as Manufacturing, Software development, Project execution, Project Liaisoning/departmental clearances and Equipment supplies.


The Values which inspire us are summed up in one word PRIDE. PRIDE is an acronym for Passion, Respect, Innovation, Denizen and Excellence.

PASSION: Passion means believing in what we are doing, enjoying what we are doing, being inspired and consequently doing our work immensely well. Passion for work drives individual team and organizational success.

RESPECT: Respect means treating all people with fairness, dignity and courtesy. It includes acknowledging the changes brought to the workplace by diversity and welcoming the same. At Eagle, we promote a congenial and non-threatening work culture of openness and empowerment.

INNOVATION: Innovation means challenging status quo and finding new ways of improving what we do. Innovation means taking risks rather than avoiding it. At Eagle, we encourage people to constantly come up with new ideas resulting in continuous improvement.

DENIZEN: Denizen is an inhabitant of a place or a citizen. At Eagle we take pride in social responsibility and in being a good citizen of the community. We take a holistic view of business and cater to all the stakeholders, namely employees, customers, society and the environment. We translate this into action by providing voluntary support to various not-for-profit initiatives.

EXCELLENCE: Excellence means ensuring customer delight by making commitments and delivering them. ‘First Time Right’ is a way of life at Eagle. Excellence implies that each achievement is a ‘Milestone’ and not as the ‘Destination’.

Our Management

Mr. Laxman Shetty is the proprietor and founder of Eagle Electricals and the chairman of Prasanna Technologies. He has his business diversified into Electrical Consultancy, Manufacturing, Hotel Industry and Real Estate. He has executed projects for various electrical utilities and Government Organizations. He has more than 35 years of experience in the Electrical Industry.

Mr. Laxman Shetty

Has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, He heads operations at Eagle Electricals and is also the Managing director of Prasanna Technologies and director of SOA-matrix, Bangalore. SOA – Matrix specializes in Middleware software based on service oriented architecture. Mr.Shetty, manages the overall administration of the company. He has an in depth knowledge of latest

Mr. Subodh Shetty
Head of Operations

Dr. Hegde has a BE in Mechanical Engineering, MTech in Materials Engineering and PhD in Metallurgy. He has vast experience in the field of Aluminium alloy units and Steel Foundries. He has research experience at IISc, Bangalore and NITK, Surathkal. He had also served as General Manager -Technical for METAMORPHOSIS an Environmental consulting firm which has clients from Mining, Metallurgical, Cement and other industries. Dr. Hegde has more than 5 International Journal Publications and One patent

Dr. Sathyapal Hegde
Head - Sales (Industries)

Has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in sales and marketing. Mr. Kini heads the Utilities business at Eagle. Prior to Eagle Electricals, Mr. Kini was the head of sales at Guardian inc which is a security systems consulting company and also at KSIC, Bangalore. He has several years of experience in marketing and project management in his earlier portfolios.

Mr. Subhash Kini
Head - Sales (Utilities)